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Mijail Kharash is our latest, great discovery, exceptional flamenco guitar at exceptional price. In 2009 Mijail moves to Granada (Spain) to become an apprentice of master luthiers Carmelo Gonzalez and Felix Moya Ibarra. Nowadays the work of Mijail has reached an exceptional high quality level, making superb flamenco guitars in the traditional Spanish way. The sound of this cypress flamenca truly is impressive, crisp, separated and penetrating with a high soulful flair from Granada, a huge volume, extremely quick response, warm yet pure giving a very lyrical quality. The lightweight build, low action and easy playability make this a very capable player's guitar and a fantastic value at this price. Excellent old aged cypress/spruce solid wood selection, top level French polish finish, very tasteful inlays at the rosette and the binding. We are very happy to have discovered Mijail his guitars. The look of this flamenco guitar is unadorned and beautiful. For us, Mijail Kharash is the discovery of the year, his flamenco guitars immediately strike you with their playability, great sound and beautiful look. A hardshell case is included with this guitar.
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Born in 1981, Mijail Kharash starts playing the violin at a very young age, later fascinated by the sound and possibilities of flamenco guitar, he falls in love with this instrument. As a child he is very interested in woodworking, music, art and poetry. After several jobs (as a cook, fisherman, construction worker, furniture maker), he decides to fully focus on building his own flamenco guitar creation. After two failures to achieve a high-quality guitar, he travels to Spain in search of answers, knowledge and experience. After many questions in various studios throughout the country, he has the honor and the luck to meet Carmelo Gonzalez de Ronda, who will be his first maestro and guide in the mysterious world of flamenco guitar. In 2009, he moves to the city of Granada, where he met many guitar builders, being Felix Moya Ibarra who introduced him to the Granada style of guitar building. Since then Mijail has been building traditional handmade flamenco guitars with a personal touch, influenced in recent years by amazing professionalism and experience from Jose Luis Vigil. Mijail feels proud and blessed to live in Granada, the city of great guitar builders, Alhambra and Sierra Nevada.

  • 状態: 新しい
  • 在庫: 在庫の
  • ワニス: シェラック
  • 年: 2022
  • 国:
  • ケース: ハードケース
  • サドル幅: 52
  • ネック厚さ: 22
  • 目盛りの長さ: 650
  • 指板: 黒檀
  • バックとサイド: 固体サイプレス
  • トップ: トウヒ材
  • ギター用ペグ: DJ mechanical tuners


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フラメンコギター巨匠シリーズ Sirimusa 第 5番目のリリースは、熟練のフラメンコギター奏者 ホセ・マヌエル・レオン。 

オンラインストリーミング形式で本やDVDとして利用できるこれらのレッスンでは、 ホセ・マヌエル・レオンがフラメンコギターのテクニックや奏法について教えてくれます。 



DVDには、貴重なホセ・マヌエル・レオンのインタビューをはじめ、彼の類稀な才能が見て取れる若き時代、そして、彼のルーツやフラメンコにかかわる慣習、テクニックや音楽への哲学も収録されています。DVDには、すばらしいホセ・マヌエル・レオンのライブ映像などが含まれており、 20分にも及びます。

今回 ホセ・マヌエル・レオン によってリリースされるフラメンコギターレッスン Sirimusaは、 La Sonantaによってプロデュース・発行され、全世界のファンに届けられます。




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